Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Up!

After a few days of being in formatting-upload mode, I pressed the button around 6:00 pm yesterday and submitted Get Beyond Your Troubled Past to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.

The "press" was a mile marker. A labor of love, I guess that comes close to describing it. I've learned a lot which will help with the next book. 

Friends Jim (Sci Fi) and Tim (humorist/casino dealer) are also kicking the tires on their own creations. I'm ready to share.

In the  meantime, I have a lot to do. Starting today my focus shifts to preparing the print edition and outlining the companion workbook, two more mile markers along the Get Beyond It All highway.

Now that the book is "up" I need customers of course but also reviews. All the feedback received will be considered as I prepare the print edition and the soon to follow companion workbook.

Click HERE to check it out.


Travel Well.
John Jeffrey Lundell