Background Barriers

I define a background barrier as:

Any recorded information about you that could prevent you from being hired or promoted.

This is historical information that has been collected, cataloged, and stored somewhere. Obvious examples include criminal history or dismissal due to a major policy violation resulting in a "would not rehire" record. Perhaps less obvious but potential barriers nonetheless are problematic driving, credit, military, education, substance abuse, and mental health records.

Regardless of the type of record and how it came about, background challenges must be addressed and managed in a proactive manner. In this age of all things digital, hoping that no one will notice is a prescription for disaster. Worse yet is lying about it. In a way this is analogous to substance abuse, which rarely gets fixed on it's own. At some point reality and proactivity must take front row seats in order to minimize the barrier and stop the counterproductive cycle of reaction.

I have a program specifically designed to help people with background problems. We'll address the issues head-on and craft a plan specific to your situation in a real, honest, and trusting way. And rest assured, your situation and related information will be received with professionalism and held in strict confidence.

I have helped many people achieve success and I can do the same for you.

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