Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Job Search and Mindfulness

Deserving of a dedicated post is something I call the Hiring Formula. I will expound on it later. Mention of it here comes in connection to mindfulness, which in simple terms refers to staying in the present moment.

The hiring formula is used in some fashion by all employers, in essence it states: past (all that has happened previously, the information sought via employment applications) plus the present (introductions, follow-ups meetings, interviews) results in a calculation about the future (hiring, taking a chance and a leap into the future).

Past + Present = Future

Candidates that remain present while communicating with potential employers do better than those that don't. I believe this to be true and I help job seekers achieve it. But this doesn't apply only to situations that result in the immediate success of getting hired.

Those that remain present  (in the moment, awake, conscious) but not immediately successful, take away valuable information usable in the next situation. Although the objective is not achieved, staying present enables the seeker to see and hear what is actually taking place. These real-time experiences form a practical knowledge base. From here necessary adjustments can be made the next time a similar situation is encountered.

Those remaining asleep, non-present and unconscious, are far more likely to filter and skew the experience to suite their concept of how the world works Vs how it really does. They grind away, complaining about "how it is out there" which is to say, outside of their concept of how it should be or how they'd like it to be.

The point is that staying present is a benefit to the job seeker. Being and staying present are part of mindfulness philosophy that has something to offer all of us. Coming to know this however may take time. To appreciate the value of mindfulness one need only experience it directly.

Utilizing mindfulness requires that the job seeker do and not just think or talk about doing. No tools, cost or outside agents are required. All that's needed already exists within the seeker. Its a matter of approach and practice. There are many benefits here are a few:

1) Staying focused on the Job Search Objective
The easiest way to see the merit of remaining present is the look at what happens when seekers cannot move beyond all that constrains them from the past and freezes them in fear regarding the future - a slow and frustrating process.

2) Remaining in the moment when communicating with prospective employers
Not only do people position themselves to succeed and excel when face-to-face with potential employers but they maximize their "teachable moments" when immediate success eludes.

3) Delivering solid service leading to successfully retaining the job
No way to deliver good service when past issues encroach and worries over things yet to happen overwhelm. Success leading to retention and advancement come from delivering solid service in the present.

Going forward I will have lots to say about mindfulness as it relates to success in finding a job.

Until then,

Travel well.
John Jeffrey Lundell

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