Sunday, June 2, 2013

Success Finding A Job - Tip Books

The first Tip Book 5 Reasons Why Introductions Are Critical To Those With Background Challenges is complete and available to the public.

People don't hire other people without meeting them first. This may seem obvious to you, yet it must not to many who act as if the entire hiring process can be handled via the internet. Of course there are some out there that will take me on about this, but really, even if you are the highest of IT fliers, with all sorts of digital material and presentations to your credit, as a practical matter the hiring party wants to seal the deal by meeting you face-to-face - which means there's an introduction.

On the other hand, for those of us planted on terrafirma, it's a requirement. And for those with background snags? It is an absolute chrome plated prerequisite. Read why in the first Tip Book.

The process of producing my initial publication was what, a lengthy labor of love? Well perhaps. Labor isn't quite right although lengthy and love do indeed fit. This is my first e-Publication and a lot went into it in terms of formatting, e-commerce decisions, etc. But now I have a toe-hold and will build from here.

Please visit the e-Publications page to purchase 5 Reasons Why Introductions Are Critical To Those With Background Challenges.


Additional Tip Books - in the near term, two more designed for job seekers with background concerns

A Book Review Page - starting with a review of The Subversive Job Search published by Career Press (please forgive James, I am slower than a turtle but it won't be long now)

Free Seminars - beginning this summer, free, topic specific, small group seminars - of course these are shamelessly designed to drum-up business and promote my publications, however I do intend for each to be informative, entertaining, and well worth each participant's time and effort

Travel well.
John Jeffrey Lundell

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