Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are You The Perfect Candidate?

Of course not. Get serious. Yes I know you have to be positive, projecting that you are in fact just the perfect fit for the job - that you are indeed what the prospective employer is looking for.

This is true if done for the right reason. But starting off there puts you on the wrong track from the get go.

First of all, what are you looking for? What is it that you are out to accomplish? If your answer is (just) to get a job you are most certainly running in the wrong lane.


First of all, you are looking for a job to get what you want or need. Which is to say, there is something motivating you to search for a job. Unless you are independently wealthy and searching for something to occupy your time, you are motivated (induced) by something other than fulfillment.

Otherwise you wouldn't be doing any of this. Right? Right? So what's your want or need?

Secondly, it's all temporary. The median (the middle, 50% above 50% below the total) employment tenure of all workers 25 and older is 4.7 years. If government workers and all those over 55 are excluded, the median plummets to around 2.6 years. If you are under 25 and in an industry such as hospitality, drop it way more. Statistics, gotta million of um. Fine. The point is 


So, you need to know...

  • What you are out to accomplish
  • Why you need it
  • And that it (your next position) is in all likelihood, temporary

And if its the wrong fit? Plan for it. Deal with it. Make encountering the wrong fit part of your plan - the plan that takes into account that you won't be providing services to any particular employer for more than 3 or 4 years anyway.

And if you do remain longer? If everything is progressing well and according to your game plan, fine. But be heads up about it. Know why you remain there and how its meeting your needs.

The bottom line is this: don't be impulsive about your job search. Make the effort to align your search to your goals. But I get it. I know for many the mere thought of searching is a big negative, one to be put off and avoided until the last minute.

So what to do?

Give me a call and I'll walk you through it.

Travel well.
John Jeffrey

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